Software and tutorials by kronova

Welcome to my website

I´m a software developer, DIYer and sometimes system administrator from Germany. This website contains some of my interests, projects and more. Currently the main part of this website are tutorials about TYPO3 and some DIY stuff like smart home on the pi, but I´m on it to bring more stuff such as publishing software and maybe creating a blog where I can post things of my everyday life.

Wanna contact me? Feel free to tweet me (@pascal20997) or write a mail via contact form.

About this page

This page is powered by TYPO3 CMS. The design is made by myself and will be refined from time to time to bring you the best possible experience on this webpage.

I´m using docker for my websites, teamspeak, GitLab and nearly all services. Check out my TYPO3 containers for docker.

The search (yes this page has a search) is powered by the Google custom search engine. I´ve written a TYPO3 extension for displaying and caching the API response.