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Welcome back

Hey there. This is just a little sign of life and status update of this website. I was very busy the last few months so there was no time to write new articles. But this was not the only reason. I was not satisfied with the process of getting new articles online, but I will tell you some more technical stuff later.

The main focus of this website was TYPO3 for the last few years. I want to continue with writing TYPO3 tips and tutorials but this should not be the only topic here. I want to write more about Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in the future and also some Linux stuff. I hope to do some new posts in the next few months, but I can't promise anything.

Layout updates and new structure

I have made some layout changes as you may be noticed. I tried to improve the header layout so you can read the page title much easier and are less focused on the header image. Additionally, I tried to improve the contrast for all elements like the link color or the buttons.


The old "Tutorials" menu point is replaced by "Blog". This is a fundamental change of my website as it opens more freedom to write articles. The website still uses TYPO3 as CMS but I changed the way how I add new articles and show them.

Now using the blog extension

Some techincal stuff for the nerds ;)

After writing all the articles using standard pages and content elements I decided that a new way must be found. I often had no motivation to write new articles because of the effort that is required.

For example the TYPO3 Tutorials. There was a menu point "Tutorials" with subpage "TYPO3". Both pages required some plugins to list the subpages. Now writing a TYPO3 tutorial I had to put the tutorial in the correct location to get it to work. I had to create a category too and needed custom templates to list the publish date and last changed the date to the page.

I have already thought of switching to WordPress as I just want to write and hit "publish" at the end but the performance and was so slow compared with TYPO3 and I am using TYPO3 all day so I know how that system works. Then I tried to use ext:news for my tutorials. It was easier to use but I was still not satisfied enough to use it.
What is WordPress without installing tons of extensions? It's a blog. I want a blog. So why not use the blog extension? Yeah, that's a really good question. So I installed the blog extension and played around with it. One weekend and a lot of TypoScript, HTML and CSS later I'm writing this article. I like the way how the extension works and how easy it can be used when it is finally configured.



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