Use your own layouts, partials & templates

This tutorial is for TYPO3 8 LTS and later. For TYPO3 7 LTS you need to replace lib.contentElement with lib.fluidContent.

You can customize all fluid_styled_content stuff and also content elements like abstracts, pages, section index.

Take a look at this snippet to use your own templates, partials and layouts:


lib.contentElement {
 templateRootPaths {
 10 = EXT:your_extension_key/Resources/Private/Extensions/fluid_styled_content/Templates/
 partialRootPaths {
 10 = EXT:your_extension_key/Resources/Private/Extensions/fluid_styled_content/Partials/
 layoutRootPaths {
 10 = EXT:your_extension_key/Resources/Private/Extensions/fluid_styled_content/Layouts/


Now you can customize fluid_styled_content. Click here to get information how to add your own headers.


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