TYPO3 8 and higher

Since TYPO3 the option 'Flush system caches' isn´t needed anymore because of the new option 'Flush all caches', which clears all system-related caches.

TYPO3 7 or lower

To activate the "Flush system caches" option in the TYPO3 backend, you need to add the following code into your User TSconfig.

  1. Navigate to System > Backend users > [your username] > Edit > Options  in the TYPO3 backend.
  2. Add options.clearCache.system = 1 into the field TSconfig.
  3. Click on save and reload your backend (or log in with the account you made the changes for) and you should see a new option "Flush system caches" below "Flush general caches".

That´s it.


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